3 Things I’m Doing Right Now To Improve My Blogging Game

By Lee Anne / February 1, 2017 /
improve blogging game

My husband is extremley efficient. One of the major things he’s taught me over the years is to continuously improve upon your craft. He’s a…

How I Became A Full Time Blogger

By Lee Anne / September 12, 2016 /
full time blogger

It’s been about 3 months since I left my steady full-time gig to become a full time blogger. I guess I never really made the…

Creating A Cohesive Instagram Feed

By Lee Anne / June 13, 2016 /
creating a cohesive instagram feed

Raise your hand if you’ve ever deleted a photo because it didn’t fit in with your Instagram feed? Okay, all of our hands are raised…

7 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs

By Lee Anne / April 20, 2016 /
tools for fashion bloggers

I had a phone call with an aspiring fashion blogger today. She had questions for me about getting started in the blogging industry and her…

Snapchat Tips for Bloggers

By Lee Anne / February 26, 2016 /

So I have a new social media love affair going on, and it’s with Snapchat. Over the last few weeks I’ve really tried to dive…

Blogging Schedule: So Bloggers Just Get Free Clothes & Drink Lattes All Day?

By Lee Anne / February 8, 2016 /

I love talking about blogging. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and to also educate my followers about what goes on behind…

How Much To Charge For Instagram Sponsored Posts

By Lee Anne / January 25, 2016 /
how much to charge for a sponsored instagram post

One of my most popular blog posts was about making money on Instagram. It really is an intriguing topic even if you aren’t a blogger…

How To Start A Blog: The Basics

By Lee Anne / July 28, 2015 /
How to Start a Blog

I still remember the day I got the idea to start a blog. I was standing behind the counter at a retail store and it…

Defining Your Blogging Niche

By Lee Anne / July 17, 2015 /

Something super important in blogging is defining a niche. Niche can be defined as “A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality…


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