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Defining Your Blogging Niche

By Lee Anne / July 17, 2015 /

Something super important in blogging is defining a niche. Niche can be defined as “A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality…

5 Tips To Increase Engagement on Instagram

By Lee Anne / June 24, 2015 /
instagram engagement

Whether your a blogger, a small Etsy shop, or a big name brand engaging with your audience is vital. Audience engagement provides you with clear…

How To Join A Loop Giveaway On Instagram

By Lee Anne / June 19, 2015 /

Chances are if you follow bloggers you have entered a loop giveaway on Instagram. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, but they are…

Back It Up Girl!

By Lee Anne / May 4, 2015 /
Back It Up Girl

I know, it’s been awhile. Let me explain why. In a nutshell I had a baby and then my blog got hacked. I knew it…

3 Easy Ways To Get More Blog Comments

By Lee Anne / January 8, 2015 /

The amount of blog comments & interaction you receive on your blog posts is really important if you want to take your blog to the…

How To Host a Loop Giveaway On Instagram

By Lee Anne / December 21, 2014 /

Loop giveaways are so hot right now on Instagram. It’s hard to scroll through and not see a new one popping up everyday. They are…


By Lee Anne / December 1, 2014 /

I’ve been a huge fan of Pinterest since I signed up for an account. I’ve spent many hours browsing for inspiration, looking for recipes, and…


By Lee Anne / November 14, 2014 /

Hosting a giveaway is something every blogger has to think about when planning a blog strategy. Will you be a blogger that hosts giveaways, participates…

Top Instagram Tips For Bloggers

By Lee Anne / September 12, 2014 /

I must admit that Instagram is my new favorite social media platform when it comes to blogging. It’s super easy to stay connected with my…


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