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Quarantine Mom Life in Jockey

March 30, 2020 |

Happy Monday friends! We are entering into a new week with a lot of uncertainty in the world, and we are trying our best to…


By Lee Anne | November 14, 2014 |

Hosting a giveaway is something every blogger has to think about when planning a blog strategy. Will you be a blogger that hosts giveaways, participates…


By Lee Anne | November 10, 2014 |

I hope you had an awesome weekend! The weather was simply perfect everyday in Austin! Just as a reminder I’m hosting an event tonight with…


By Lee Anne | November 2, 2014 |

I’m really excited to share some of my baby shower pictures with you! My mom and sister went all out. They did an amazing job…


By Lee Anne | October 28, 2014 |

Today is the day, finally! My husband and I have been hard at work for the past 3 months to put together the Austin Passbook.…

Maternity Style: Geometric Print Cardigan

By Lee Anne | October 17, 2014 |

Fall is making somewhat of an appearance in Austin lately. It’s sort of a tricky appearance though. You wake up and it’s only 60 degrees.…

Maternity Style: Seraphine Graphic Dress

By Lee Anne | September 30, 2014 |

Dressing up while pregnant has been so much easier than I thought it was going to be. With the perfectly tailored maternity dress and tights…

Maternity Style: Black & Tan

By Lee Anne | September 19, 2014 |

It’s been so rainy in Austin the past few days. We’ve even had quite a bit of flooding making taking outfit photos not as easy…

Top Instagram Tips For Bloggers

By Lee Anne | September 12, 2014 |

I must admit that Instagram is my new favorite social media platform when it comes to blogging. It’s super easy to stay connected with my…

Maternity Style: Burgundy & Lace

By Lee Anne | September 10, 2014 |

I just love when an outfit comes together with pieces you already have in your closet. I got this adorable tunic from Pink Blush Maternity and…

Maternity Style: Distressed Denim

By Lee Anne | September 4, 2014 |

  Jeans: PINK BLUSH MATERNITY  //  Necklace & Earrings: PINK BLUSH MATERNITY //  Tunic: PINK BLUSH MATERNITY  // Shoes: DSW- Older I’ve been struggling to find a good…


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