week recap 1-2-21

Weekly Recap + Weekend Sales | February Week 3

February 21, 2020 |

Happy Friday! It’s been such a weird week since I’ve been mostly recovering from surgery. My best friend from college is coming into town this…

Balancing Business and Baby

By Lee Anne | July 14, 2015 |

Disclaimer: Balancing business and baby is not easy. When it comes to parenting I’ve learned that there’s no one step approach. There’s the “what works for…

5 Joys

By Lee Anne | July 8, 2015 |

I miss this series on the blog. It was a great way for me to catch up and reflect on the past week or two.…

Putting Each Other First

By Lee Anne | July 1, 2015 |

Putting each other first. It’s a highly talked about topic in marriage and parenting. I remember reading an article about Giuliana and Bill Rancic and…

Chloe and Rayban Giveaway

By Lee Anne | June 29, 2015 |

Today I’m so excited to be teaming up with some fabulous ladies for an awesome giveaway!  We will be giving away the Chloé Marcie cross-body…

Mom Pressure

By Lee Anne | June 25, 2015 |

Today I’m writing about a sensitive topic, but it’s one that all moms understand. It’s Mom Pressure, and I’m pretty sure it should be a…

5 Tips To Increase Engagement on Instagram

By Lee Anne | June 24, 2015 |
instagram engagement

Whether your a blogger, a small Etsy shop, or a big name brand engaging with your audience is vital. Audience engagement provides you with clear…

Top 5 Baby Swim Accessories

By Lee Anne | June 23, 2015 |

Pool season is in full swing here in Austin, Texas and hitting the pool is a major weekend activity for our family. I love enjoying…

First Father’s Day

By Lee Anne | June 22, 2015 |

We celebrated Dylan’s first Father’s Day yesterday. It was a rainy day that kept us inside for most of the time, but we got to…

How To Join A Loop Giveaway On Instagram

By Lee Anne | June 19, 2015 |

Chances are if you follow bloggers you have entered a loop giveaway on Instagram. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, but they are…

Louis Vuitton + Dior + Kate Spade Giveaway

By Lee Anne | June 10, 2015 |

Happy Wednesday loves! I’ve got something that will be sure to spice up your hump day! A group of fabulous bloggers and I have teamed…


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