Why We’ve Decided To Film More Youtube Videos

why we are filming more youtube videos Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you’re having a great week so far. We are headed to Vail, CO tomorrow, and I’m so excited, and also running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off to get ready. Packing for myself, and both of the kiddos can be a bit of a stressful situation. Dylan takes care of himself, our carry on stuff, the car seats, and camera equipment. I can’t leave him in charge of bringing the proper sized onesies for Emma, lol.. She might be rocking a 3 month onesie if that was the case… sorry babe.

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you have probably seen me sharing our Youtube videos lately. We’ve been having SO much fun filming them!  Dylan has shared so much of the renovation process on his Instagram Stories, so we decided to take some of that content over on Youtube, and also share our daily life with you guys. I will also continue to do try ons, styling videos, beauty, mom life, and more from time to time. Also, lots more home renovation & home decor videos coming!

There’s just something about making Youtube videos that has always been so much fun to me. It can be a lot more work than putting together a blog post, but I really enjoy it. I’m not sure if I mentioned before here on the blog, but prior to blogging I worked in affiliate marketing. We specialized in Youtube talent, so I spent a lot of time working with popular Youtubers. I loved watching their videos, and understanding their process behind the videos. I became a Youtube junkie, and I still enjoy watching them today!

My favorite types of videos are day in the life videos, hauls, try ons, styling videos, mom life, etc… I just really enjoy watching them, and as much as I LOVE blogging, I like to try new things. Nothing will change around here. This is just an addition to what we are already doing. Plus, with Dylan getting so much more involved with blogging & his Instagram as well, this has been really fun for the both of us.

AND you guys have been LOVING the videos. I have gotten so many sweet DM’s from you guys on Instagram encouraging us to keep filming. It’s really encouraging. I will admit though that when I put a video up, and not that many people watch it I start doubting myself. Which is totally normal when you’re starting something new. Trying to not feel that way, and just keep going. I find that when you do what you love, it always shows through. So I hope that you guys will come subscribe to the channel & hang out with us over there!

Subscribing is HUGE for us, and once you subscribe you will get an email when we push a new video live. You won’t get any other emails, just new video notifications. Would LOVE to have you come join our Youtube family. Thank you SO much for your continued love and support.

AND now… for our latest video that we just pushed live, you can watch it below! In this video we are sharing a grocery store haul & also doing a review on our new Samsung Family Hub fridge that so many of you have been asking about on Instagram! I hope you guys like the video, and yes I have a case of resting B face, and was clearly wearing no makeup with about 4 hours of sleep when we filmed this video #momlife


Lee Anne

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