Our Top 10 Most Used Items For Emma

I can’t believe Emma will be 5 months old later this month. When they say time flies with the second baby, they are right. I thought it would be helpful to put together a post on our top 10 most used items for Emma over the last 4  months. These are items we use daily for her!

Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper

We use our Rock n’ Play all of the time for Emma. I always put her in it in the morning while I’m cooking breakfast and chat with her about the process. She loves it. You really don’t need the one that rocks, she actually likes the one that just vibrates better, plus it’s cheaper! I know some people like the one that actually rocks, but I felt like it was too heavy, and harder to move around. The Rock n’ Play is also really awesome in the summer months because you can just carry it outside, and it’s an instant chair or bed for baby.

The SNOO Bassinet

The SNOO is freaking awesome. I wrote an entire blog post about it, and you can find that HERE. The only set back is the price tag. Although it is steep, I think it would be a great co-gift for a baby shower. You could have people pool money together as a joint gift, or just ask for money that you can put towards it. Emma usually sleeps through the night or only wakes up once while sleeping in it. By sleeping through the night I mean sleeping 8 hour stretches. I feel like “sleeping through the night” has different meanings for everyone. The past couple of weeks she’s been waking up one time at night, but I can’t complain (Noah woke up multiple times during the night when he was her age.)

White Noise Machine

We have been using this brand of white noise machines for years. When I first met Dylan back in 2005 (we’ve been together forever, lol) he had one. I remember the first time I shacked at his apartment in college, and I was like what the heck is that thing and why do you sleep with it on at night? It didn’t take long for me to become hooked on them, and now we use them for our kid’s rooms. Noah has one, and so does Emma. It’s the best white noise machine out there.

Hatch Baby Rest 

The Hatch Baby Rest is also a white noise machine, but we mostly use it for the light. I use it next to my bed for night time feedings & diaper changes. I like it because I can just tap it and it turns on. I can also adjust the brightness of the light from the app on my phone, so while I’m feeding her I will turn it down so she gets sleepy. You can also choose the coloring of the light which is awesome. It also has a “okay to wake” feature that you can use for toddlers.

Diaper Bag Backpack

I freaking love using a backpack for a diaper bag. Why didn’t I do this with Noah? It’s seriously so much better than using a shoulder bag. I also love it when traveling (makes airport life SO much easier. The one I have is from SkipHop, but they have a ton of cute diaper bag backpacks out there now! I easily can fit everything I need for both kids in this backpack.

Nordstrom Footie Pajamas

She literally lives in the Nordstrom Footie Pajamas. If you follow me on Instagram or watch my stories you see her in them all of the time. She has 4 different patterns now, and I’m about to order more because she’s growing like a weed. These are super soft, and they are easy to unbutton for middle of the night diaper changes


Emma has been napping in her crib during the day in her dockatot like a champ. I like how the sides keep her cozy, and it gives her a little station. I feel like it makes the crib feel smaller to her, and more like her bassinet. We also used it a lot when she was a newborn on the couch for naps. Noah still uses his in his bed actually. He never really used his in his crib, but he randomly wanted to sleep in it on the floor forever. We had a hard time getting him to sleep in his bed for awhile, and he would actually sleep on the floor instead. We put the dockatot down on the floor so he had something comfortable to sleep on. Then we transitioned the dockatot into his bed, and now he sleeps on the dockatot in his bed, lol. We just took the bottom bad out because we don’t need it since it’s on his mattress.

SkipHop Playmat

I get so many questions from you guys on my Instagram Stories about where her play mat is from. We absolutely love it. The lights make all the difference. I like to line up other toys around it that she can reach for as well. I thought the colors on this one were really fun, and I like how there is a volume control for the music so you don’t have to have it super loud.


The Nestcam is the monitor we use for both kids. It’s great because it connects to your phone, and the picture is so clear. We have been using it since Noah was really little, and love it. We also use the VTech Audio Monitor in addition to the Nestcam. It’s super cheap, and easy to use. It’s old school, and I keep it plugged in so I can hear her so I don’t have to have my phone on at all times. It’s also really easy to pack to bring to friends houses or if you’re going on a vacation.

Nuna Car Seat

We love our Nuna Car Seat. Its super comfy, and it’s actually light weight. I had a Britax with Noah, and it was so heavy that I actually could not carry it sometimes. It was brutal after he was born, and I was still recovering. The Nuna is the way to go if you want a good car seat! We also recently got a blow out insert that we’ve added to the carseat so it protects the seat (also helps so you don’t have to constantly wash your carseat).

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