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free people cowl neck sweater Is anyone else throughly exhausted? Just me? Guys I literally can’t stay up past 8 pm most nights lately. Once both kids are asleep for the night I will usually lay down on the couch with Dylan to watch a tv show before bed. Lately I only see about 8 minutes of the tv show before I’m passed out. I’m not sure if it’s just regular exhaustion from being a mom & trying to balance work, and keeping up with the house, or if I need to pop some more vitamins and get my diet in check. I’m always wide awake, motivated, and ready to start the day when I wake up, but by 5 pm I’m EXHAUSTED.


Cozy Free People Sweater (got an xsmall, because this brand runs big) // Cutest LEVI’s ever (found them on sale! They will transition so well into Spring, and I got my normal size 27)

I’m thinking this is a typical mom of multiple kids thing, so I’ll just keep chugging along, but phew…. I’m tired. Emma used to sleep through the night and recently she’s been waking up 1-2 times, so it’s throwing me off a bit as well. I’ll just take a sip from my coffee (doing that as we speak), and keep on going. Feeling really thankful for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, babysitters, and coffee lately….

I thought it would be fun to share this month’s top selling items so far. I love looking into my analytics and seeing what you guys are loving, and buying for yourself and your family. I also LOVE when you guys share them with the #lifebyleefind on Instagram, or when you direct message me photos. It makes my day every single time!

1.  North Face Furry Fleece

north face furry fleeceIt makes sense that this has been my #1 seller so far this month. It’s freaking amazing. The softness is insane, and it’s actually a really flattering fleece. It also comes in an ivory color, and it fits true to size. I ordered a size small, and I love the fit!

2. Cowl Neck Waffle Knit Top

cowl neck thermal Right on the spot. Comfy, cute, and only $39. This cowl neck is one of my absolute favorites, and I own it in two colors. I have it in a size small, it fits true to size. It looks so cute paired with joggers or jeans. Emma loves to cuddle up with me when I’m wearing it too!

3. Seamless Nursing Bra

seamless nursing bra

Wearing this right now, and wear it almost everyday. Matter of fact, I should probably throw it in the washing machine, lol. This is my number 1 favorite nursing bra. It’s comfy, comes in a ton of colors, and you can adjust the straps to give the girls a little lift. I feel like it’s the most flattering nursing bra I own, and helps create a decent shape (instead of a saggy nursing boob shape, LOL).

4. Print Footie

nordstrom print footies You guys love Emma’s pajamas as much as I do. She wears the same 3 pair on rotation right now. What’s the point of changing a 4 month old out of pajamas? They’re always sleeping anyway, right? I LOVE these because they always come out with new colors/patterns, are really comfy, and are easy to unbutton for diaper changes. The $19 price point is well worth it, because she gets SO much wear out of them. I just keep ordering the new prints in her next size.

5. Long Sleeve Henley

abercrombie button front henley Totally makes sense that this made the top 5. I LOVE Henley’s lately, and I’ve been wearing them non stop. They are super cute paired with jeans or joggers, and they are nursing friendly. This exact one is my favorite that I’ve owned, and I’ve bought quite a few lately. Who would have thought Abercrombie would become one of my absolute favorite places to shop? I end up loving every single thing I order from them! I have this henley in a size small, and it fits true to size.


Okay, Emma is about to wake up from her nap any second now, so off I go! Have a great day loves!


Lee Anne

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  1. Meghan Culpepper on January 25, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I’ve been looking for a new nursing bra to help with “saggy nursing boob” haha #momlife

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