Postpartum Body Positivity with Lands’ End Swimwear

Lands End Swimwear I’ve grown two tiny humans inside of me.  Those tiny humans fill me with so much joy every single day. Has my body changed since growing those two tiny humans? Heck yes, it has. Am I mad about it? Heck no I’m not. Going through pregnancy & child birth has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Today I’m so excited to be teaming up with Lands’ End Swimwear to style some of their new Sunrise Collection swimwear, and chat about postpartum body positivity with you guys.

Lands End SwimwearDuring my second pregnancy I wasn’t able to remain as active as I was during my first pregnancy. I lost a lot of muscle, and didn’t really work out my entire pregnancy. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had some issues that made even walking painful. I dealt with SPD and sciatic pain, and spend a lot of my pregnancy on the couch.

Lands End SwimwearSince I wasn’t able to remain active during my second pregnancy, it was really hard to get active after Emma was born. I also dealt with a uterine prolapse (fun fun), and I honestly haven’t started working out until a couple of weeks ago. By working out, I mean a couple of times on my spin bike a week (nothing major).

Lands End Swimwear

In all honesty, I’m nowhere near as in shape as I used to be. I get tired from walking up the stairs, and I have cellulite in some odd places. But you know what? That’s okay. I love my body for what it’s gone through, and I’m not worried about clocking in a work out every single day. That just isn’t feasible for me right now.

Lands End Swimwear

When Lands’ End reached out about working together on a swimwear campaign, I was slightly nervous about doing it. I was worried that I wouldn’t look like the other bloggers in their swimsuits, or that I would hate the pictures. Instead of giving into that feeling, I decided to do the opposite, and I agreed to do the campaign.

Lands End Swimwear

I was a little worried about trying on the swimsuits (I even ordered a two piece… yikes). But when I got everything in I was so pleasantly surprised. The quality of the suits is amazing, and they fit really well. I love the high waisted trend, so this black two piece was a total winner (totally postpartum body friendly).  I had no clue what size to get, so I got sizes 4 and 6, and size 6 fit the best.

Lands End Swimwear

I also got the most adorable one piece swimsuit in navy. I love how you can adjust it in the front & at the tie up top so you can make the coverage better. Being a nursing mom, things can get a tad out of hand in that region, so it’s good to have something that you can adjust. My hat and my coverups are both from Lands’ End as well. I got them both in size x small because they seemed to run a little big.

This post was sponsored by Lands’ End. All thoughts & opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that I love. 

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