What To Pack In Your Carry On Bag With Kids

carry on backpack carry on backpack carry on backpackWe leave for Colorado today, and you better believe I made my packing list for my carry on in advance so I could write this post! I’ll be using my diaper bag backpack because it’s so much easier using a backpack when carrying a baby! Luckily all I need for myself is my wallet, and my cell phone. Dylan will have my laptop in his carry on, and everything else I’ll need for myself and the kids will be in our check on bags.

My diaper bag backpack will be devoted to everything needed for Emma and Noah on the plane. I try to keep my bag as light weight as possible, but it can be hard with kids. It can get uncomfortable having weight on my back, as well as my front (Emma) while walking through the airport.

Here’s What I’m Packing:

  • WIPES– Aka the holy grail. Can’t go anywhere without em. We have been obsessed with Water Wipes ever since we started using them. Not only do we need wipes for diaper changes, but we also need them for sticky toddler faces & hands. Plus, I’ve totally used them to wipe off makeup smudges before.
  • EXTRA CLOTHES- I always bring an extra outfit for Emma and Noah. There’s always a high probability of a diaper blowout for Emma, and Noah usually spills some sort of food on himself. One time we had to carry Noah off of the plane in just a small blanket because he peed all over his outfit, and even on me. It was rough. Ever since then I’ve packed extra clothes.
  • SNACKS– Aka the holy grail of traveling. Airport food isn’t the healthiest, and the snacks on the plane are always too expensive. Snacks keep Noah busy on the plane which is great, and they help with the pressure in his ears on the way up and down. We like to keep him chewing and swallowing going up and down. The only snack Emma takes at the moment is breastmilk so I’ll be nursing her on the way up and down as well. We always bring blueberries (we wash & dry them before & put them in a plastic container). We also are bringing these super tasty beef sticks that we’ve been obsessed with that we found on Amazon (they are Grass Fed, have no nitrates, etc… so good!), organic pouches (because Noah is obsessed with those things), and Kind Bars because those are always easy to eat on the plane.
  • DIAPERS/PULL UPS- This is a no brainer, but it’s reminding me to not forget them, lol. Noah is so good about going in the potty, but he’s not completely into big boy underwear yet.
  • ZIPLOCK BAGS – We usually bring a big ziplock bag that we can use to put dirty diapers or soiled clothes in (incase of a blow out situation).
  • PAPER TOWELS-These always work much better to clean things with than the tiny napkins you get on the plane. Noah has dropped his entire water on my lap on the plane before, so this is always helpful.
  • PHONE/TABLET FOR NOAH– Noah is going to be so excited to fly this time, because he’s obsessed with airplanes, but we will definitely be bringing a phone or tablet for him to play with. We usually download a few episodes of his favorite show before we get on the plane.
  • NOAH’S WATER BOTTLE– We always bring Noah’s water bottle along, and swallowing often also helps with the pressure on the way up and down.

You can shop my diaper bag backpack above. It’s my favorite diaper bag, honestly. I’ve tried out a ton, and this one is the best. I LOVE having a backpack instead of a shoulder bag, because with kids it’s just SO much easier. You need all the free hands you can get.

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!


Lee Anne

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