Our New Favorite Baby Monitor: The Nanit

the nanit baby monitor Happy Friday friends! I hadn’t originally planned to write a post about our monitor, but when I started writing an Instagram caption I just kept going. There are so many good things to say about the Nanit, so it was hard to keep it to a couple of sentences. We love the Nanit for a bunch of reasons, but for today’s blog post I’m just going to get into my top 3 reasons! PS… keep reading because at the end of the blog post I have a coupon code for you guys to use… #yasss

3 Reasons Why We Love The Nanit Baby Monitor

  1. Birds Eye View– So many of you ask me how I get the Birds Eye View of Emma while she’s sleeping. It’s from the Nanit. The Nanit mounts to your wall, and the camera looks down on your baby. The only negative here is if you like a bunch of decor on the wall behind your crib. I honestly don’t mind, because I like to keep my nursery decor pretty minimal. PS…. a full nursery tour is coming to the blog & youtube soon, so stay tuned! I love that I can see Emma from this view. It’s so comforting to be able to see all of her. You can also zoom in.
  2. Nanit Insights & Alexa Integration– Holy moly this monitor is advanced. Nanit insights is basically a super detailed summary of how your baby sleeps. You even can watch a video the next morning of everything that happened during the night. It’s SO awesome. It calculates the amount of time your baby was asleep, the time they were awake, how many times you visited them in the night, and even rates their sleep. You can also connect it to your Alexa. In the morning while I’m making coffee I can ask Alexa how Emma slept. It will connect with the Nanit, and tell me a complete summary of her night. It’s INSANE!
  3. Alerts On My Phone– I love that it alerts my phone whenever there is movement around Emma’s crib. I get alerted when she wakes up, when she’s just moving around, when someone walks into her room, etc. It’s really helpful if I’m out at a meeting and have a babysitter at home with the kids. This way I know what time she is going down for her naps, and when she’s waking up. I can also log into my app from anywhere and check on her.

the nanit baby monitor Nanit is giving my followers $20 off of their monitor! Make sure to use code LEE20 when checking out to get the discount! They don’t do discounts or have sales often, so if you’re in the market for a monitor, I can’t recommend the Nanit enough. This post wasn’t sponsored by them, I’m just really obsessed with it, and have gotten so many questions about it from you guys!

What are your weekend plans? We have zero, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. We will probably just work on some projects around the house, and catch up with some friends.

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