First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls & Boys

1st birthday gift ideasHappy Wednesday friends! As you may know, we just recently celebrated Emma’s 1st birthday. I literally have no clue how my baby girl is already one year old. Time went so dang fast with her. Maybe it just goes super fast with your second baby? I feel like the first year with Noah went much slower! We opted for a chill 1st birthday at home with family. It was a great day, and we had so much fun celebrating little Miss Emma Rose.

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1st birthday gift ideas

Dylan and I were at Target shopping for her presents, and we were just about to hit the check out line when Dylan had the genius idea to get Emma a couple boxes of Kleenex. It’s kind of hilarious because Emma has an obsession with pulling wipes out of the wipe containers, and kleenexes out of the boxes. We always joke around that she’s in love with paper products.

1st birthday gift ideas

He was like “Wow, I have a great idea.” We need to get her a couple of boxes of Kleenex and just let her go to town ripping them out. Usually when she rips them out, we try to stop her and put them back in. But hey… why not let her party down with a $1.00 box of Kleenex!? ” I was skeptical thinking ahhh that’s a total waste of paper… He tossed them in the cart and we headed to the checkout.

When it comes to “real” presents these are the things that Emma got for her birthday… I’m also linking the boy option, if it’s more of a “girly” present

  1. Comfy Blanket (she’s been obsessing with Noah’s blanket lately. All of the ones I got for her when she was a baby were either too big, or smaller like swaddle blankets. She seems to love the size Noah has, so she got a new blanket. My mom actually got it for her, and she picked it up from Buy Buy Baby in her town. I couldn’t find the exact one online, but I linked a couple of other options below. They look super comfy and are chenille. The reviews look great. I’m honestly kind of wanting to get her one of them to try out too… The one my mom got has those silky edges on it, which I know some babies like, but she doesn’t seem to be super into it. Noah’s doesn’t have the silky edges, and she loves it. The one I link below looks awesome if you’re looking for one without the silky edges.
  2. Plush Doll Stuffed Animal – I was able to find the exact one. (We wanted her to have something super plush that she could take to bed with her. She’s also been eyeing Noah’s Curious George that he takes to bed every night. So we didn’t want her to feel left out. Now she has her own blanket and soft doll to take to bed with her & cuddle around the house.
  3. Fisher Price Lion- This is the main toy we got her. My friend’s baby has it, and when we were over at her house the week before she was obsessed with it. I love how its really interactive, she can ride around on it, or use it to help her walk. The songs are also really cute.
  4. Activity Pyramid– My mother in law always finds the coolest toys for the kids. This one is a number 1 seller, and Emma seriously is obsessed with it. It’s made in Australia, and is seriously so cool. There’s lots of little areas of things for her to do, and she loves the little sounds & songs it plays.

Now let me to cry a puddle of tears thinking of how baby girl is closer to being a toddler than an actual baby. Wahhh… Mom life is hard! Thanks so much for stopping by today friends. Hope this was helpful if you’re shopping for a one year old!


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  1. Leah on September 6, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Oh my word! That photo of them eating the cake together! So cute!

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