Amazon Prime Fashion Finds Under $30

fashion finds amazon prime Can I get an amen for Amazon Prime? Dylan signed up for an Amazon Prime membership YEARS ago, and I would always order through his account. I remember being pretty excited about using it all of the time when we got married, lol.  I wanted to share some Amazon Prime fashion finds under $30 with you guys today! You all have been loving my IG story reviews! All links are below. Just click on the text links & you will be taken straight to the item!

Amazon Prime Fashion Finds Under $30

1. Karen Walker Dupes

Yaaaas! I found the dupes for the original Karen Walkers I purchased years ago. I lost them, and recently found them during the move. Wish I would have found them a long time ago. They are legit like $7 & so good! These are actually a little smaller than the $14 ones that I link in #3. If you’re good with spending $14 I would suggest getting the ones linked in #3. The quality is a little better & the size is a teeny bit bigger.

2. Ray Ban Look Alikes

These look SO close to the Ray Ban Iconics that I’ve had my eyes on for awhile now. Might have to get both & compare. The Ray Bans are like $150, and these are under $30. They look SO similar!

3. Karen Walker Dupes Tortoise

Yup, I have these two. This specific pair is priced at $14 while the ones above are around $7. These are the exact ones I ordered in the tortoise though, and I love them! The similarity to the real Karen Walkers is insane!

4. Comfy Pocket Dress

How amazing does this thing look? I need to finally order it. The reviews are amazing, and I feel like you could knot it up on one side & make it super dang cute!

5. Perfect Sports Bra

LOVE this sports bra. I have it in black, and the back is SO cute. It comes in a ton of colors, and also has removable padding! It’s really comfy. I am a 34 C-D and I got a size medium in this.

6. Softest PJ Set

I LOVE this set. It is SO soft, and seriously feels like it should be closer to $50. I like it even better than the Nordstrom ones! I love the exaggerated tie in the front too. Comes in 3 colors & I got my regular size small in this.

7. Reversible Tote Bag

Okay, so I don’t have this exact one, but it looks exactly like my reversible tote from Nordstrom. It even comes with a little wallet, just like my one from Nordstrom. The reviews are amazing, so I think this would be a great option if you want to get the look for less!

8. Best Leggings Ever

These are awesome! I can’t believe the price tag. So many of you have & love them too! They come in a ton of colors & fit true to size. I have them in a size small.

9. NSALE Dupe

Okay, so how similar does this look to my favorite NSALE top? The top that sold out so dang fast. This is also somewhat similar to my favorite thermal top from Urban Outfitters. I got some messages from you guys about this one, so I had to share. I’m going to order it & try to compare them for you guys on IG stories!

10. V Neck Two Pack

LOVE this brand. I have this t shirt dress from them that I’ve raved about on stories, and I really want to try this v neck two pack as well. There are a ton of color options!

11. Karen Walker Dupe Two Pack $15.99

This is the other version of Karen Walker dupes. The ones I wear ALL of the time. This is a 2 pack which is awesome because you get both the black & tortoise pair for $15.99. Crazy! I love these because I don’t worry about breaking them. If Emma grabs them or if I just need to toss them into my diaper bag, we’re all good!

12. Slouchy White Tee

This thing is awesome. I love how the fabric is long & stretchy so it is perfect for typing in a front knot. This is the tee I recently wore to the Counting Crows concert. You can see me wearing it HERE.

13. Boho Moon Necklace

Love this little necklace. I’ve been on the hunt for one of these. This is a good option if you want to try out the style, without spending a ton of money.

14. Light Weight Cardigan

I was trying to find a dupe to my light weight cardigan that I love so much, and came across this one. I love the fit, the pockets, and the fact that it comes in 3 colors. I haven’t personally tried this one yet, but it looks great!

Also ordering these items below!  So excited to test out some pullover dupes for you guys. I’m down to find us some cozies on the cheap! I ordered a size small in the pink one below (reviews say it runs big). It also comes in two other colors! Stay tuned!

You can also shop all of my Amazon favorites on my Amazon Shop Page HERE. I have other items I’ve shared with you guys (like that $21 pack of 3 workout tanks there!). Happy Amazoning!! (is that a word?) It should be!


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