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five joys

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / April 13, 2016 /
featured five joys

I started my Five Joys series when I first started this blog. I wanted to remind myself of the little things that brought me joy.…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / March 14, 2016 /

I think I can honestly say that this weekend was the best weekend I’ve had in awhile. It was almost too perfect. I tried to…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / February 3, 2016 /
five joys

I had such an amazing time with my parents in town these past few weeks. I wish they never had to leave! We are moving…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / January 12, 2016 /

My little guy will be 1 next week. I have no idea how a year has gone by since he was born. Everyone always told…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / December 15, 2015 /

Life’s been busy. Between getting back to Austin, being in my friends wedding, and Noah being sick I feel like I’m just getting back into…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / November 4, 2015 /

To me life is all about finding joy in the the little things. It’s those little things that bring me the most joy in the…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / October 19, 2015 /

Our house is being overtaken by the plague. Dylan, Noah, and myself are all fighting off a sickness that crept into our home early Saturday…

Five Joys

By Lee Anne / October 1, 2015 /

Happy first day of October! I love this time of the year. Crisp air, cooler temperatures, and the anticipation of the holiday season; it’s all…

5 Joys

By Lee Anne / August 26, 2015 /

It’s been an odd week. I’ve been sick so my schedule has been thrown off. Working from home and creating your own schedule is hard…


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