Ray Ban Knock Offs & Other Recent Items Purchased On Amazon

rayban knock offs I have to say I was SO freaking pumped when I found these Ray Ban knock offs on Amazon. It was a couple of nights before we left for our Florida trip, and I decided to hop on Amazon to search for them. I had no clue I would find a pair that I loved so much. Heck, I didn’t even know I would find them on Amazon, but I wanted to try. I knew I could get them shipped quickly to my parents, so I opened up my computer and searched. Sure enough, I found the freaking cutest sunglasses ever.

rayban knock offs

A couple days later while we were in Florida they arrived at my parents house. As soon as I pulled them out of the box & put them on, my mom had to have them. She ordered two pairs for herself (she got the pink & blue pair… she’s fancy like that). I have two pairs now (the black with the gold frames, and the black with the silver frames). I freaking love them both, and they are so affordable!

One of my followers also just turned me on to the Karen Walker knock offs on Amazon. I have the original Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses. I was wearing them on IG stories the other day, when one of my followers messaged me about the dupes. OMG.. they look amazing. I’ve gotten a bunch of messages from you guys about them and how much you love them, so I’m ordering them to check them out. I’ll share my feedback once they arrive. Who knew Amazon had so many cute knock off options!?

rayban knock offs

Anyway… I’m all about finding these deals for you guys! Oh.. and I was so excited to get out and shoot these photos. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been out downtown shooting photos. Since Emma has been born it’s been SO much easier to just shoot at home, but it was so much fun to get out and do these. This comfy chambray top is from Abercrombie and I LOVE it. It’s so cute, and will be perfect with white denim in summer.

The jeans I’m wearing here are so stretchy and comfy. They are one of my favorite pairs due to how stretchy they are. I can do gymnastics in them if I want to, lol. My shoes are those super comfy collapsible mules from Target. They are insanely soft, and come in more colors. I got them in my regular size 8.5 and they are perfect. I’m really considering getting them in the brown because they are so comfy.


Well guys, I’m outta here. I’ve got lots to do today, and these little ones are keeping me on my toes (as always). Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lee Anne



  1. Sara on March 16, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    The Karen Walker look a likes from amazon just arrived! They are awesome, I splurged and got the black & brown ? I was watching your stories late last Saturday night and immediately bought them, figures two pairs for $15 was worth a try! For anyone else out there wondering the dupes are perfect if you are looking for an oversized pair of sunnies. Thanks for sharing these and everything else! Xoxo

  2. Leah on March 18, 2018 at 8:48 am

    That knotted tee is seriously the cutest!!

    xx Leah / http://www.eatpraywearlove.com

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