2 four 2 one 2 three 2 twoThe belly is really settling in guys. This thing is getting in the way big time and it’s making these outfit photo shoots hard. Let’s talk about the  photo of me sitting on the steps on my phone for a minute. Yeah… I couldn’t get up from that position without help. I also was so hungry while taking these photos that I was about to hurt someone. Please bare with me and know that these outfit posts will be much better when my little guy is outside of the womb. This outfit was really perfect for today though. I like to try to wear heeled booties when I can so that I feel like I’m somewhat “dressed-up”. The black and gold sheer top is a favorite of mine I got awhile back in Louisville, KY from a boutique. It’s been a staple in my closet for almost 3 years now! During pregnancy I’ve found that dressing up and getting out of the house does a ton for your mood!

Burgundy Top: H&M- Older  //  Black Pants: PINK BLUSH MATERNITY //  Booties:DSW // Necklace: METAL MARVELS

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