Major Transformation! Painting Our Staircase

Yay! I’m so excited to share my first house renovation blog post with you guys today! Now that we are finally in the house, and have some projects actually finished, I will be sharing them here! The first one I’m sharing with you guys is the major transformation from painting our staircase! It’s crazy awesome you guys! We’ve also been sharing a ton of renovation stuff over on our Youtube channel, so make sure to head over there and check out the videos!

As you may or may not know, this house needed a major paint job when we bought it. The previous owners had painted all trim, doors, the fireplace, the half bath downstairs, and even the stairs black. We wanted to brighten up the space, so we knew we had a lot of painting to do. Every single stair was painted black. We also didn’t really like the brown posts & rails. The color of the wood was very 1980’s, and it didn’t match the wood flooring downstairs anymore (since they had updated the floors).


After a few hours on Pinterest, we had found lots of new ideas for painting our staircase. I literally typed in “painted staircase” into the search field, and got a ton of ideas. We decided to do white & grey, because that was the color theme we went with for the entire house. We just needed to decide what combination of white & grey we wanted to do. We went back and forth and finally decided to paint the rail grey (so we didn’t have to deal with finger prints), the posts white, the actual stairs grey, and the risers white.


We painted the wall behind the stairs grey for an accent, and eventually we want to wainscot that entire wall. The wall below the stairs is white, and then throughout the house we continued with the grey & white color palette. For paint, we used PPG and you guys…. their paint is amazing! It only took one coat most of the time to cover the black paint. We were worried that it was going to take multiple coats! Dylan painted most of the house himself, so he was very happy when he found out how well the white paint covered the old black paint.


For the risers, baseboard, posts, and spindles we used PPG Timeless White on White in a Semi Gloss. This is the same paint we used for all of the trim in our house. For the rails we used PPG Timeless Silver Reflection in a Semi Gloss. For the stair tops we used PPG Floor and Porch Enamel Silver Reflection in a Satin. Silver Reflection is the same grey color that you see throughout our house.

We used PPG Paints throughout the entire house, and I’ll be sharing more before and afters in later blog posts, so stay tuned! But for quick reference we used nova white eggshell as our main white wall color throughout the house, silver reflection eggshell for all of the grey walls, and white on white for all of the trim!

What do you guys think about the transformation? Pretty crazy, right!?

A big thanks to PPG paints for helping to supply the paint for this amazing transformation! 

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