How We’re Celebrating The Holidays This Year

celebrating the holidays Can you believe how quickly the holidays are approaching? According to Instagram, it’s totally acceptable to be putting up your Christmas tree already. I think I’ll at least wait a couple more days, but I did take holiday decor inventory over the weekend to see what we needed for this year. I actually have a new Christmas tree coming in the mail this week, and I’m so pumped. It’s flocked, and I’m so excited about it. Just don’t tell my husband it’s flocked yet. He about had a fit last year with the flocked garland and wreath (the stuff literally sheds all over the place). Oh well, I love it, ha!

Do you guys already have all of your holiday plans figured out? I’m so excited for this year. To start off, for Thanksgiving we will be hosting some friends at our place. I love hosting Thanksgiving. There’s something about being home that day, and prepping everything in your kitchen that morning that just feels special to me. I love to wake up in the morning, make coffee, and turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There’s just something so comfy about the parade being on, wearing cozy pajamas, and prepping the Thanksgiving goodies before everyone arrives.

In early December we will be heading to Colorado! I’m so excited to take our first trip with Emma, but also so nervous. She’s been sleeping so well at home, so I don’t want to jinx anything. Heck, I’m also worried about Noah sleeping. Doesn’t every mom freak out about how their kids will sleep while on vacation? It will also be really interesting flying with two kids. The mile long list of things to pack when you have two kids can be a bit daunting… not to mention, very heavy, lol.

I love Colorado. I grew up visiting Colorado in the summer time with my family. A few years ago before we had kids, Dylan and I took a trip out to Aspen to go snowboarding. Dylan’s grandpa lives there. He’s in his 80’s and still snowboards. Dylan’s family has a pretty killer gene pool. We will actually be staying in Breckenridge, but Dylan’s grandpa will be coming to visit so he can meet his great grandkids for the first time! We will also have my sister and her boyfriend coming, Dylan’s dad will be flying in, and my best friend Julie who lives in Denver. It’s going to be a great little vacation! We will be partnering with HomeAway while we are there, so be on the look out for some fun content during our stay.

Then for Christmas, my family will be coming to Austin, and we will be celebrating the holidays here! I’m so excited to host my first big Christmas with my family. My brother and sister in law have never been to Austin before, so I can’t wait to have them here. I also have two adorable nieces who will be visiting. It’s going to be so much fun to have everyone in Austin!

This post is more of a catch up, and chat about the holidays post. Somewhat different than what I normally do, but I’m just so excited I wanted to write about it, lol. What are your holiday plans? Are you as excited as I am to bust out the hot coca and Christmas music?


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