Affordable Work Wear For Men & Questions For Dylan

Nordstrom Mens Shop Happy Friday friends! Today I’m super excited to be collaborating with Nordstrom for a special post with my husband, Dylan (he’s answering some fun questions you guys have been asking below!). Nordstrom has been one of our go-to shopping destinations for years now. Dylan worked more traditional jobs in the past, and we would find a lot of his work wear from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

Nordstrom Mens Shop

The Nordstrom Men’s Shop is a collection of high quality & affordable work wear for men. They have everything your man needs for work from polos, dress pants, ties, socks, dress shirts, etc… The quality is very high, but the prices are great. Traditionally work wear for men can cost an arm and a leg, and that’s where Nordstrom Men’s Shop comes in!

Nordstrom Mens Shop

We styled two different looks for Dylan. One more dressy, and one more casual. He’s actually had this no-iron dress shirt from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop for awhile now. He wears it quite often. It can be worn with so many things, and he loves that it’s no iron. It doesn’t wrinkle super easy, and it comes in a bunch of color options. It’s great quality & priced at $39!

Nordstrom Mens Shop

We both love the polo! The fabric is amazing, and it’s under $50. We did notice that it fits a little big. I would suggest sizing down one size for a more fitted look if your husband doesn’t like the shirt to be baggy. Dylan is wearing a size large here which is his regular size, but it was pretty oversized. They are great for tall guys because they are also a bit longer.

Nordstrom Mens Shop

The pants are also awesome. Again they are a non iron fabric & they don’t wrinkle easy. It seems like the Nordstrom Men’s Shop really has this whole “non-iron” thing figured out. The pants come in multiple colors, and fit true to size. We accessorized with chukka boots (you can’t go wrong) & a pair of suspenders for fun. The suspenders are freaking adorable & under $50. I think they are so chic (Dylan felt pretty spiffy in them too). Chukka boots are always one of Dylan’s go-to shoes, and this pair is priced great at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Mens Shop

Okay… no onto the burning questions LOL… I asked you guys on Instagram to ask questions for Dylan, and we picked 6 for him to answer today!


What other businesses do you run/have started in the past in addition to the social media stuff? I’m a recent UT Austin grad and budding entrepreneur myself so I find hearing other people’s stories very interesting!

There’s a few. My first was a company called Mr. Delivery. It was a food delivery service similar to what Uber Eats does now, but we did it back in 2005. We were one of the first companies that made it possible to handle all of the dispatching and order taking for multiple cities, and that allowed us to eventually franchise the concept. Another was @austinpassbook . That was a high-end guide book of Austin that looked just like a US passport and allowed people to explore Austin with a friend. I also have @opentruk which is a food truck analytics business. You’re in a great city to be an entrepreneur. The people here are really friendly and more collaborative than other cites we lived in. If you have an idea you’re working on and reach out to other successful entrepreneurs with experience in that area, you’ll find that a lot of them will offer to meet for coffee and help you any way they can. That’s one of the reasons we stayed here. The culture is awesome.

Do you shop for and buy your own clothes? And what are some go to items that you have in your wardrobe?

Yes, I do.  I buy from a lot of different retailers, but I do a majority of shopping online at Zappos and Nordstrom.  They have a lot of the brands I like and make it easy to buy a lot online, try it on at home, then send back what I don’t like or doesn’t fit. Its hard to narrow down what I have in my wardrobe, because I have a bit of everything.

What kind of conditioner do you use in your hair lol. So voluminous!! Jealous!! 

Ha, thanks! My secret, if you’d call it that, is that I only actually wash my hair every couple weeks. Right after washing it, it all falls almost straight down. It takes about 3 days of sweat and dirt to look normal. Although I don’t wash it, I rinse it in the morning and towel it off, so that keeps it “clean.”

You are a great hubby & very supportive. What tips do you have for husbands who are first time dads? What is the best way to support their wives?

Thank you! For first time dads, my advice would be that this period doesn’t last forever, so enjoy it, and the sleep will come back eventually. I remember at one point Lee was so tired and emotionally exhausted that she actually broke out in tears, because she didn’t get to finish her dessert. There’s a lot going on, a lot of hormones, and not that much sleep, so just be ready to be there for each other.

As a guy, our identity gets caught up in our career or jobs at times, so I remember being concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get as much done when I had kids and that my career would suffer. A funny thing happened though. At the time I was working in a former company of mine, and was putting in A TON of hours and had to come in on weekends regularly.  I didn’t have much of a life outside of work. Once I knew Lee was pregnant and my son was on the way, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to keep this up. I didn’t want to be the dad who worked all the time. I wanted to be an awesome dad… so I quit.

Once my son was born, I did have less time to work, but what I found was that it made me much better at cutting through all of the unnecessary busy work, and made me more focused. With less time to work, I was actually accomplishing more. Having a kid made me more successful, because I no longer had the luxury of spending time on things that didn’t matter.

Ok, off the business track. I also recommend doing whatever you can to get more sleep. There’s no mysteries to taking care of a new baby. As long as you’re trying, you’ll do a great job. What’s hard about it is that there is just a lot to do, and what makes it a lot harder is not getting any sleep. We got lucky with our first son, and he slept through the night most of the time. When our daughter came along, there was a new device called the Snoo, that they lay in at night, and it listens and feels when they get upset, and rocks them back to sleep.  That thing was AMAZING. I’m not going to say it works for all kids, but our daughter slept 12 hours a night up until she was 6 months old.  Because we work for ourselves, neither of us got any time off of work when we had out kids, so having the gift of a full night sleep every night made it so much better. Check it out, it’s a bit expensive, but in my book, it’s worth every penny. Also keep in mind that they can only sleep in it for their first 6 months, and they have a good return policy, so you can basically try it for a couple weeks, and if it doesn’t work, you can send it back.

My other advice is to set a schedule for when each of you are responsible for your baby. With our first son, we didn’t learn that lesson for a long time, and once we set a schedule for when each of us were on “baby duty” it made it a lot easier. There’s something nice about knowing when you “up” and when it’s your time to relax, and it helps avoid the little fights that are more common when you’re both low on sleep 🙂

Hi! I follow you both on Instagram and Youtube. Love Lee Anne’s everyday fashion advice, and I love how handy and techy you are. So, I just got my first Echo dot a couple of smart plug-in’s. I live in a small two floor apartment. What would you recommend I use for starting to make my apartment smart?

So being in an apartment knocks out some of the BIG things you can do, but we were actually in the same situation in the last house we rented. One of the things we installed were Sengled lights. They’re bulbs that can be controlled via your phone or voice, and because they’re just bulbs, you can take them with you when you leave (just keep the ones you took out to put them in.)  What I really liked about them is that in addition to being able to dim them with your voice, you can also turn them to a really bright white (6500k) or to a softer orange light. You can even set them on a schedule like we did, so that at night they auto dim and become more orange, and then in the morning they come on bright white.  Another I’d recommend is the Ring Doorbell. They even have battery powered ones, so you can stick it up, and take it with you when you leave. It alerts us when there’s motion at the door and records it. It’s been great for knowing when people come over or when packages get delivered.  Another are plug in switches from Leviton or Lutron. These are little plugs that you plug into the wall, then plug whatever you want into them.  They come in dimmable ones, great for lamps, and ones for appliances. We have these on multiple lamps in our house, and even have the water boiler that we use with our french press in the morning for our coffee hooked up to one. We say “Alexa Goodmorning” and it turns it on for us, so by the time we get around to making coffee, the waters perfectly boiled and ready. You could use the plugs with almost anything you want to be able to control with your voice or phone.

Two Questions…. Looking for a great travel camera (what do you use?)Do you bring a different camera when traveling from when you are at home? Also what recommendations do you have for a beginner go pro for editing? I think I’m scared of it, and it will be hard. Idk where to begin. I already have the hero 4.

We always end up bringing our big DSLR camera on our trips, but when we’re out and about without it, I use my GoPro and a Samsung S9+.  I use an iPhone for most of my daily phone needs, but the cameras on Samsung phones have always taken a better picture in my opinion. Some, like the S9+ even record stereo audio, while even my iPhone 7+ still just records mono.  Although there is of course a different in quality between our Canon 5D Mark IV and the Samsung S9+, I’ve never found the need to buy another camera that falls somewhere between the two. Either I know I’m going to need the big sensor on the Canon, or the GoPro or Samsung will do.

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Thank you guys so much for stopping by today! Hope you liked this men’s style post & getting to hear some from Dylan!

A big thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts & opinions are always my own.


Lee Anne

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