5 Reasons Why I Made The Switch To Native Deodorant

Native DeodorantIf you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve been making the switch to cleaner & safer beauty products in our home. There are still a couple products that I keep around that aren’t totally perfect, but I would say I’m about 80% switched over now. One of the products that took me a little longer to switch out was my deodorant. That was until I came across Native.

Native Deodorant

  1. IT WORKS -When it comes to natural deodorants, the reason it took me so long to switch is because I didn’t think they would work. I had tried out other brands in the past, and they didn’t work for me. When it comes to sweating or being smelly, I wasn’t about to use a deodorant that didn’t work. Thankfully, Native actually works. In fact, I feel like it works better than the deodorant I was using before.
  2. INGREDIENTS YOU UNDERSTAND- YES! Enough said. Also made without parabens & aluminum!
  3. MADE IN THE USA, NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS- Enough said as well. Not all of the products I buy are made in the USA (lots of clothing is made in other countries), but when it comes to beauty products I like to choose those that are made in the USA when possible.
  4. THE REVIEWS- I had actually heard about Native through other bloggers who raved about it, but for some reason I was dragging my feet when it came to ordering it. When you look on their website & social media they practically have a cult following. Their reviews are insane, and now I know why.
  5. MY HEALTH– healthier products, healthier me. I’m an “all about balance” kind of girl. But when it comes to a product I put on my body every single day, I like to choose the healthier alternative.

Native DeodorantOkay, so there’s seriously no reason not to give Native a try. They have FREE shipping & FREE returns. So if you don’t like a scent you can send it back. My absolute favorite scent is the coconut & vanilla, but I also really like the lavender & rose. I also recently ordered the men’s citrus & herbal musk for Dylan and even he has been loving it. The citrus & herbal musk is probably the most “manly” smelling scent for men from what I could see.

You can purchase them individually, in packs, or even in little travel sample packs if you want to try out multiple scents. They are well worth the price, and did I mention they offer free shipping & free returns!? Zero risk, heck yes! Oh… I also forgot to mention they have options for sensitive skin too!

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Lee Anne

A big thanks to Native for sponsoring this post. All thoughts & opinions are always my own. 

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