Why We Love Our New Dyson Vacuum

Dyson VacuumHappy Monday friends! Okay, so I will start this post by admitting that I seriously love to vacuum. I always have. When I was younger, my mom would create weekly chore lists for my brother, sister, and myself. I would always pick vacuuming. I really enjoy it, and it calms me. Anyone else feel like this!?

Well… we’ve literally had the same vacuum for over 10 years. Dylan got it in college. Luckily we take good care of our vacuums so it was still running pretty good. BUT… we decided to take a dip into the Dyson world, and WOW we are OBSESSED.

Dyson VacuumWe found ours on eBay, and got a great deal! Did you even know that you could find a Dyson vacuum on eBay!? Right!? Mind blown. They have amazing deals on so many things that you would never even know about! They also offer Daily Deals where new products are listed at amazing prices. Check out the daily deals page HERE!

Okay, now let’s get back to the vacuum! The exact model we have is the Dyson V10 Absolute. Dylan picked it out, so of course he decided to go top of the line. In all honesty, you probably don’t need to get the most extreme model. The great thing about eBay is they have tons of deals on all types of Dysons. You can also score a great deal on a refurbished Dyson!

Dyson Vacuum

5 Reasons Why We Love our Dyson Vacuum

  1. It’s SO lightweight! This is one of my favorite parts about the Dyson vacuum. I can easily carry it all around the house, and it is SO lightweight. I can vacuum the entire staircase without being out of breath. When I need to get cobwebs or vacuum blinds, there’s a handy attachment that is so light weight I can easily lift it over my head. No biceps needed, lol!
  2. It’s Cordless! Yes! No cord to carry around with you. Especially up and down the stairs. With our old vacuum I would have to change where it was plugged in multiple times while vacuuming the house.
  3. So Many Interchangeable Parts! Depending on the model you get, they have multiple options for heads. Ours came with 3 roller heads which comes in super handy when you have various types of flooring or rugs in your home. It also can shorten and turn into a a dust buster type of vacuum.
  4. Takes Up Less Space! Ours came with a mount for the wall, so we don’t have to take up space in the closet anymore.
  5. It’s So Powerful! You can literally pick up everything in one pass, instead of 3 like with our old vacuum.

Gosh, I could probably keep talking about it. I seriously am so excited that we got one! Seriously check out the deals on eBay for them HERE. The refurbished ones also would be awesome if you’re sticking to a budget!

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!


Lee Anne

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