Twinning With My Girl and New Try On Video

twinning with my girlHappy Friday friends! I cannot believe it’s already Friday. This week has flown by! Don’t forget to come join us tonight on Instagram Live at 7:30 pm CST for our live cooking date night! We are making cauliflower pasta & a yummy banana dessert ! If you’ve missed any of our previous Instagram live date nights you can always catch them on Youtube HERE.

twinning with my girl

Earlier this week I went to brunch with some friends. Emma came along and we decided to dress alike. I seriously got so much joy out of dressing her. It’s so much fun twinning with her!  With Noah, I never really “twinned” with him lol. But with Emma, for some reason I’m so excited about it. I am obsessed with both of my kids being cozy at all times, so that’s a huge thing I always keep in mind when dressing them. My recent obsession for Emma is leggings with a tulle skirt attached. I found some on major sale that I’m sharing in the bottom of this post so keep reading! They are great because they are comfy, but are so cute!

I’m sharing my striped turtleneck in my latest try on video that you can find below! It’s on MAJOR sale. I think I got it for around $7! In fact everything in my recent try on video is on sale, and I found some really cute stuff!



Oh, and who snatched up the Steve Madden Dupes this week? I can’t believe they are on sale for just $27! They are my absolute favorite sneakers, and they come in 4 colors! I have the original Steve Madden ones in blush pink, and I just bought this version in grey, and now I need them in black. So many of you snatched them up from my Instagram Stories this week, and I was so excited to find such an awesome deal for you guys!

Hope to see you guys on Instagram Live tonight! Thanks so much for reading!


Lee Anne

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