Transitioning To A Big Boy Room Part #1

Big Boy Room Walmart Happy Wednesday friends! I’m so excited to share todays post in collaboration with Walmart! When we moved into the new house I knew I wanted to change up the furniture in Noah’s room. I wanted it to be less of a baby room, and more of a big boy room. I really wanted to get some sort of storage pieces that could also double as decorative furniture. When I came across this exact piece at Walmart I knew it would be perfect. I decided to get two so I could set them side by side & have a ton of storage/decor space.

Big Boy Room Walmart

You may have seen that one of my recent try on vides on my Youtube Channel was dedicated to Walmart. I found the most adorable things from there recently, but did you also know that they are really taking it up a notch in the home decor department? They have so many cute things for kids rooms, nursery’s, and playrooms!

Big Boy Room Walmart

Noah and Emma share a playroom downstairs that also doubles as our guest room. There’s some room in their for their toys and for them to play, but not a ton. I feel like Noah is to the age (he’s 3.5) where he likes to hang out in his room and have a space that is completely his own. There are some toys that aren’t safe for Emma (like legos and things with small pieces), that are nice to keep up in Noah’s room.

Big Boy Room Walmart

I’m seriously in love with these storage units. They have so many different areas for storage. The bottom area is perfect for stuffed animals. There are also drawers for organizing, and tons of bookshelf space. I like that I can use the top area for little decorative pieces as well. This specific piece comes in 3 colors, so if you’re looking for something different they might have it in your color palette. I loved the idea of putting two of them side by side so he has a ton of storage. He was literally so pumped to add stuff to it & have stuff that was “just his” in his new big boy room.

Big Boy Room Walmart

Big Boy Room WalmartI will be sharing more of his room (the new dresser we got) & the lego table later this week on the blog, so stay tuned for Part 2 of this post on Friday! Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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A big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts & opinions are always my own.

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