The Comfiest Plaid Dress & Travel Plans

comfiest plaid dressHappy Friday loves! I hope you had a great week. It went by SO fast for me. Like how the heck is it already Friday!? We are currently sitting at a coffee shop, and I wanted to share the comfiest plaid dress ever with you guys!  I’ve already posted it on Instagram, and I tried it on in my recent Youtube Try On Video HERE, but I recently shot some photos of it as well, so wanted to share. Also wanted to update you guys on our upcoming travel plans!

comfiest plaid dress

Let’s chat about this dress first. It’s pretty dang amazing you guys. I got a size small, and I would say it fits true to size. I’m in between 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 9 (I really need to measure myself soon, because I’m not sure which one I am sometimes to be honest, lol). It comes in a couple color options, but I was really drawn to this color thinking of Fall & how cute it will be under cardigans.

comfiest plaid dress

It looks like it has completely sold out in one of the color options, so if you like this one I would jump on it. I love the cuffed sleeves, and the tie waist. The tie waist gives it a little something extra & makes it even more flattering. It’s also available in a really pretty grey stripe option. I think it will also be really cute worn over leggings or tights in the Fall.

I’m going to link a long sleeve option that I thought was really cute as well below. I’m all about easy dresses with boots or booties in the Fall. Pair them with a hat and sunglasses and you’re good to go. Don’t even have to wash your hair that way, lol.

comfiest plaid dressWe are heading to Florida next week to visit my parents, and I CAN’T wait. They live in a really cool area that has a bunch of fun things for kids. They have a big water park, a bunch of pools, and obviously the beach. I’m looking forward to unplugging a little & just enjoying some time with family. The kids have SO much fun at their house, and it’s nice to be together as a family.

We found a little sushi spot that we love close to the beach there, so we will probably try to sneak out for a date night one night after the kids go to bed. My parents are awesome and totally encourage us to do that while they stay with the kids. SO jealous of anyone who’s parents live in the same town!

comfiest plaid dressIn September we are taking the kids to California. We have some friends who live there so we are going to stay with them in Malibu for a few days. I love California, and grew up being pretty much obsessed with it. I thought that was for sure where I might live someday (either that or NYC)… my my how my plans have changed lol. The kids have never been to California, so it will be fun to hang out & relax in the beautiful atmosphere. I don’t think it gets much better than California weather in September. Pretty pumped!

That’s all we have planned travel wise for right now. We may visit Charleston in the Fall, but are still planning that. We would also love to take the kids back to Colorado this winter, but we shall see. Our plan is to try and travel with the kids as much as possible over the next two years before Noah is in kindergarten & we are stuck at home, lol. The other day Dylan said “Wait, do you know how time consuming it will be to pack their lunches for school everyday?” I literally laughed out loud. Gotta enjoy these two years, ha!

I hope you guys have a great weekend. As always, thanks so much for stopping by the blog!


Lee Anne

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