The Best Golden Goose Dupes & Review

Golden Goose Sneaker Dupes Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog! If you’re coming from Youtube, scroll down to the clickable images for the direct links to all of the sneakers I shared in the try on video! I’ll also be linking the tee & jeans I was wearing in the try on. I have to admit when I first heard about these Golden Goose sneakers I about choked when I heard that the were around $445. Like what!? Almost $500 for shoes that arrive dirty!?


Golden Goose Dupes // Amazon Leggings // Amazon Karen Walker Dupes // Amazon Chloe Look Alike Bag

BUT.. when I tried them on I was like DANG these are cute, not to mention super comfy. BUT… once I tried on the dupes I was like heck… I think these are what I will keep. The dupes are super cute, and much more affordable. I sent back the real deals (gunna be on the lookout on my statement to make sure those puppies get returned, lol). Although they are adorable, I just cant spend that kinda cash on a pair of sneakers when I can get a SUPER similar look for WAY less.

When it comes to a designer bag, I may prefer to keep the real deal because it would be something I would use for YEARS. I’m just not sure I would wear the sneakers for years. Ya know what I mean? So in this case, the dupes WIN! What did you guys think of them??

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Lee Anne

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  1. Lisa B on May 15, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    HI! So i see the SHEIN brand of GG dupes, but what brand was the SARAB— something? I could not see the whole brand name and I don’t see the link. Thanks! Lisa

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