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Happy Wednesday friends! Today I’m so pumped to be partnering with Billie Razor to chat all about their AMAZING $9 starter kit that if you haven’t tried, NOW is the time. Y’all know I use JOY Razors as well, but you guys I don’t think I can go back to JOY after this (the magnetic shower holder is LIFE). They are soo much better than drug store razors for half the price!

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The thing I loved about JOY is that I could just snag it at Walmart, BUT Billie has the extra smooth charcoal piece, the magnet for your shower, and the extra cartridge for only $9 and free shipping! Talk about an AMAZING deal! Y’all I’m a convert! Have you tried the Billie? My legs feel so soft after I shave because of the exfoliating charcoal strip and how sharp the blades are!

They also have an amazing subscription service that is literally no strings attached! You can choose your razor color, choose a refill plan based on how often you shave, and then you can also add some shave cream or other goodies. You can also adjust, skip, or cancel anytime. I love that Billie offers this service so I don’t need to remember to order my razor or pick one up at the store!

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A big thanks to Billie for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts & opinions are always my own.


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  1. Joelle K Brodeur on January 12, 2020 at 8:35 am

    Billie is the bomb! I know their campaigns are targeted to Millennials, but I’m a Gen X who has been tortured for years by crap razors and used Venus razors for nearly 17 years now. I always thought burning and irritation was just a part of shaving.

    Started seeing Billie ads again and decided to try it since I refused to get replacements for my Venus handle. The Billie purchase was the best decision ever! I never thought that a razor would pamper the skin. Billie does that while affording the closest shave I ever got, plus the handle is balanced so there’s no fear of dropping it.

    For the first time, someone thought of a stylishly, ingenious way to store the razor while ensuring it won’t rust and keep the encased soap from staying slimy after use. They thought of everything.

    I love this product and have added the body lotion and shave cream to my refill order. After reading your review, I may swap the shave cream for the wash since you observed that the wash can double as shave cream.

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