How We Get Our Kids To Eat Healthy Foods

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Happy Wednesday friends, and welcome back to the blog! Today I’m excited to share some tips on how we get our kids to eat healthy foods. I get questions about what we feed them and how we get them to eat healthy, so I thought today would be a good time to share! Disclaimer: I’m not perfect, and neither are my kids. We totally eat unhealthy somedays too! It’s all about balance!

Motts Organic Juice

We Don’t Allow Treats All of The Time

We treat “treats” how they should be treated. As a “treat”. Not a meal. Juice is actually a “treat” for us. Noah and Emma don’t really drink a ton of juice, but we actually use it to make popsicles. We love the new Mott’s® for Tots Organic Juice NEW Organic Apple White Grape for homemade popsicles. It’s SO tasty, and I feel like the ingredients are much better than what you find in other popsicles in the grocery store. Plus, it’s sold only at Target… and you all know how much time I like to spend at Target, lol. Sometimes, too much time!

Motts Organic Juice

We Don’t Purchase A Bunch of Processed Food

We spend most of our time in the produce and meat departments when shopping. We honestly only go through the aisles for a few things. Mostly for just a few pantry items and some healthy treat options, like the Motts for TOTS juice!  I find that when we purchase less processed food, there isn’t a bunch of junk laying around to munch on all day. Sure, it takes longer to put together a snack, but that snack is so much healthier.

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We Sneak Healthy Foods Into Our Recipes

Instead of lasagna, we make zucchini lasagna. Instead of pasta, we make cauliflower pasta. This helps get veggies into the kids diet and they don’t even know it. Stay tuned on my Youtube channel, because I will be sharing our zucchini lasagna recipe! It’s SO good, we actually just made it the other day! The kids seriously love both of the recipes, and so do we.

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We Don’t Eat at Restaurants Often 

We stay home for about 90% of our meals. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy when you’re not at home. Restaurants don’t always use the best ingredients. The ones that do use good ingredients are usually super expensive. We are home A LOT, and we spend A LOT of time at the grocery store. When we do go out to eat, it’s a really fun outing, and everyone gets excited about it!

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That’s it! Four easy ways we get our kids to eat healthy foods! It’s actually really easy, and for the most part, they are really good eaters. Although we do have some cheat days (obviously!). Oh… and while you’re browsing the aisles of Target you can also find popsicle molds! SO much fun making your own (Noah is always a fan of cooking in the kitchen with us!).

Motts Organic Juice

Hope this post was helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Lee Anne

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