How I Remain Optimistic As An Entrepreneur & Mom

Frost Optimism Happy Thursday friends! Do you guys remember when I did an optimism challenge with Frost Bank awhile ago? Well, I had so much fun doing that with ya’ll that I am partnering with them again today to share a little bit about how I remain optimistic as a female entrepreneur, and how mindset is everything!

Frost Optimism

Being a blogger is literally the same thing as being an entrepreneur. A blog is a business, and I treat it like one. Of course blogging has a lot of lifestyle factors that are tied into it that make it a very fun job, but it’s also a job. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, optimism and mindset is literally EVERYTHING to me. Ya’ll if I wasn’t optimistic I would not be where I am today.

There were so many times (especially in the beginning) where I would get unsure of myself. I would question myself. “Am I doing this right?” “Are other people judging me?” “Do other people think I should have a “real” job?” Guys, there are even days where I question myself now. It’s totally normal, but the big takeaway here is that although I had those thoughts, I never gave into them. I didn’t let myself give up, and some of those thoughts would push me even harder to get where I wanted to be.

Frost Optimism

Frost Bank has actually done a lot of research on the power of optimism, and how it can completely transform your financial future and success. One of their studies found that optimists are 7x as likely to experience more financial health than pessimists. This totally makes sense. Spending more days with an optimistic attitude always sets me up for success. If I’m feeling in a funk, and some pessimistic thoughts sneak into my head I end up having a bad day, which ends up leading to an unproductive day.

Let’s put this into real life for a moment. Ya’ll I’m having a rough day today. We had a furniture delivery this morning that was supposed to come yesterday. They were super late this morning, which made us late to a school visit for Noah. We headed to his visit a tad stressed out, and late.  I was the first parent to sit in & observe the classroom (the whole goal of the visit being to decide if this classroom will be a good fit for Noah). A little boy ended up puking all over himself in the class, which spun the class into a little bit of chaos (as expected)…. but then for some reason something inside of me was becoming pessimistic. I was questioning everything. “Is this the right thing for Noah?” “Should I start him in school right now?” “Should I even be working?” “Should I just be home with him all of the time instead?”

Frost Optimism

We then headed back home, and Noah seemed upset about us having to then leave again to go get some work done. He’s 100% fine now, and playing happily with our babysitter who is legitimately like family to us at this point, but I still feel guilty as I sit here working. Ya’ll I get emotional sometimes, and pessimistic thoughts sneak in. BUT… Optimism ya’ll. I truly believe in it. As I sit here I’ve already shifted my mindset…..

I’m healthy. My family is healthy. We are happy. We are fortunate. I get to do work that I am extremley passionate about. I am loved. Ya’ll the list could go on for days. Always look at the positives, when you’re having a bad day, and the optimism will come shining out of you! The next time you’re having a bad day, think about all of the good things in your life. I promise you, this helps. Sometimes I even write them down.

I hope you guys liked this real & off the cuff look into a stressful day for me, and how I use optimism to spin it around. As an entrepreneur, and mom I have zero time to wallow in pessimistic thoughts. Adios negativity, hello optimism and happiness!

A huge thanks to Frost Bank for sponsoring this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


Lee Anne

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