House Update + Finding Healthier Recipes

house update Happy Wednesday friends! Just wanted to pop in with a quick blog post today. We are SO excited to finally have a moving date set in stone! We will be moving in less than two weeks now! Are all of the renovations done? Nope! Am I freaked out? Nope! LOL. I am just so excited, I don’t even care honestly. I’ve been looking forward to the day that I would move into my own house since I was a little girl.

The feeling of knowing that the house is yours, and that you actually own it is so awesome. We’ve rented apartments, condos, and houses, but this was the year we finally bought a home. It’s so exciting, and I can’t wait to put our touch on the place. These past two years living in our rental home have been amazing, but I always wanted to do little projects that I couldn’t really do. To have our own place that we can work on, fix up, paint, garden, etc is going to be SO exciting. Does anyone else have a thing for raking leaves & pulling weeds? I know it seems weird, but I seriously love it. There’s something so relaxing about being in the yard doing little projects.

Dylan is finishing up the paint this week, so as long as that’s done, we are basically able to move in. The kitchen will most likely still be in shambles, and our master bathroom is torn apart. But the fun is in the process, right?? I keep telling myself that, ha! Side note, painting an entire house takes FOREVER. So thankful that Dylan is so dang handy!

On another note, I feel like I’ve been in such a grocery store slump. I’ve been so bored of the food I’ve been buying. Does anyone else get like that? I hoped on Pinterest last weekend and got some inspiration for some new meals & snacks. I’m trying to sneak vegetables into Noah’s food so that he doesn’t notice too (sneaky mom tricks). I made a delicious zucchini lasagna last night, and it was amazing. I more or less used the Wellness Mama recipe, but I actually left out the eggs. I really just looked at the recipe for bake times, and kinda tossed in whatever I wanted to toss in. A follower on Instagram told me that she sneaks in little carrots and spinach into her sauce to boost up the veggies. I’m totally trying that next time! Oh, and I’ve also recently discovered Skinny Taste which is such a good site for healthy recipes! Have you guys found any delicious & healthy recipes lately? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Oh and these leggings are BOMB! I was a little worried about white leggings, because #postpartumbody but hey they work out just fine! The best part is they are NOT see through! They even say it on the website! And it’s true! They are so cute for summer. I got the size small regular (I’m about 5 foot 8-9ish and about 125 lbs for reference). I paired them with that super comfy Old Navy Tunic tee that’s on mega sale right now & covers the bootay, my comfy Nike Roshe sneakers, and one of my favorite tote bags that can also transform into a cross body bag! I’ll link everything below (you can just click the image to shop).


Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! And also… a huge thanks to those of you who shopped my Cloth + Cabin collection today! I’ll be sharing more over the next two weeks on Instagram + Instagram Stories. I’ll also be putting together a blog post in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!


Lee Anne

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