2018 Gift Guide For Her: Cozy Favorites

Gift Guide 2018 Cozy Favorites

Yay! It’s time! I’m sharing my first holiday gift guide of the year today! And of course I’m starting out with my all time favorite topic, COZY! I’ve rounded up my ultimate cozy favorites in one place (how exciting!). I’m sharing clickable photo links for everything down below, and sharing why I love each item!

  1. FUZZY SLIPPERS- so in love with these. They come in a bunch of color options, and are so cozy. They are super easy to just slip on and wear around the house. I got them last year, and have been wearing them a ton already this year. I think they are even on sale right now!
  2. PINK CANDLE– you can never go wrong with a pretty candle for the cozy girl on your list. I don’t burn a ton of candles because Dylan is allergic to them, but when I do get them I like to get the ones with pretty containers (like this one) so I can use it as a decoration.
  3. BEST SNEAKERS– these are an all time favorite of mine. They are so comfy, and come in multiple colors. Perfect to pair with comfy joggers & a sherpa pullover.
  4. CUTEST COFFEE CUP– ahhh it has a sweater on it. SO cute. Snagged this at Target, and I love it. The perfect affordable gift for the coffee lover on your list.
  5. BAREFOOT DREAMS SOCKS– you can’t go wrong. Barefoot Dreams is an all around goals brand, and now you can experience the comfort on your feet! I want these so bad!
  6. COZY AMAZON PAJAMAS– these are amazing. I have them in black, and they are SO soft. They are just as soft as the Nordstrom ones, but much cheaper!
  7. ULTIMATE COZY BOOK– Joanna Gaines, you are my spirit animal. Creating cozy spaces all over the place. This would be the perfect coffee table book for the cozy girl on your list.
  8. BEST FLEECE– one of my absolute favorite fleeces, and I found it on Amazon. ALL about the affordable price tag. You can buy this for anyone on your list. Mom, dad, brother, grandma, etc. They come in gender neutral sizing, so they work for the entire family. I got a size small in mine, and it fits a tiny bit oversized which I love! I can totally see a family Christmas card with everyone wearing these fleeces & comfy buffalo plaid pajama pants!
  9. BEST ROBE– this will be my second robe like this from Target. Every year I like to snag one up, and try it out for you guys. If you don’t have the budget for a Barefoot Dreams robe, this is seriously amazing. The fabric is a DREAM, and it comes in another color option. I got the xs/s size, and the fit is perfect. Thank you Target for all of your affordable amazingness!
  10. BEST WINE GLASSES– LOVE these so much. They are the glasses I use in my home, and I’m obsessed. Everyone who comes over for a glass of wine comments on how much they love them. There’s just something about drinking a glass of wine out of a huge glass like this that feels so special. I don’t know what it is lol, but I love it.
  11. MINNETONKA DUPES– heck yes… these are great! If you watched my recent Amazon try on haul, these will be looking familiar. The fur on them is so good, and the quality is great. If you’re looking for a dupe for the super popular Minnetonka slippers, these are for you! They come in multiple colors too!
  12. THE ULTIMATE COMFY CARDIGAN- you can’t go wrong with Barefoot Dreams. If you’re looking for the ultimate comfy cardigan, this is the one. I love this style the best because you can also wear it daily outside of the house. It doesn’t just look like something you would only be seen in at home. This is my favorite style of cardigan from Barefoot Dreams for that exact reason. Pair it with a comfy tee, leggings, and boots!
  13. THE HOLY COFFEE GRAIL– you know what I’m talking about. I look forward to my yummy cup of Nespresso every single morning. My morning cup isn’t complete without a heaping pile of milk foam (thank you milk frother!) This is the ultimate bundle because you get everything you need to make the perfect at home lattes!
  14. BEST RATED SILK PILLOWCASE– omg I need this. I lay on my right side every single night, and you can totally tell LOL. Supposedly this helps with wrinkles from sleeping, so I’m all about giving it a try. This is the perfect cozy gift for the anti-wrinkle queen (LOL) on your list!
  15. SILKY COMFORT PJ PANTS– ahh these feel like butter on my skin. So obsessed with these! Thank you again Target for your affordable amazingness!


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Hope you found a great gift for someone on your list, or maybe for yourself, ha! Stay tuned for more gift guides soon!


Lee Anne

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